Custom (Made to Measure) Octagon Shaped Spa Covers (Premium Grade 75kg)-(8-Sided)- 3 Year Warranty

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  • This Cover has a static weight load capacity of 75kg.
  • Free Delivery for Melbourne Metro Areas & Whittlesea Suburbs Only.
  • 3 Year Warranty, 100% Australian Made.

Out of stock


We are proudly 100% Australian manufacturer of premium tailor-made spa covers,

Wholesale prices direct to the public. 

18 years experience of making spa covers.


The ‘Premium’ is our med-range spa cover and is our best seller!

It has been designed using the most premium materials available to help solve with some of the most common issues found in standard spa covers in the industry.

  • Its has the highest incline foam taper (110mm-60mm) for a much better water runoff.
  • Extremely durable, shrink resistant, seat-belt webbing for all our 25mm wide straps.
  • Vinyl Covered, re-enforced, 40mm wide Double handles for easier manoeuvring and appearance.
  • Strongest, U.V, Shrink & Rip resistant underlining in the industry.
  • Foam inserts are cut using a hot-wire (not routed) making them less absorbent.
  • Foams are manually heat sealed in a Poly-wrapping, with all seems checked and then taped for extra strength.

The ‘Premium’ has a higher density (M-Grade) foam core which means they can hold almost 3 times the amount of ‘static weight’ then most basic spa covers in the industry.

It is much more durable and longer lasting. It has a greater resistance to water absorption, has higher insulation properties and will hold its shape longer to resist against foam sagging and water pooling.

Most Spa covers you see online have the basic ‘Standard’ ‘S’ or ‘SL’ grade foam inserts in them, They are flimsy to handle, less durable, absorb much more water, have lower insulation properties, is more fragile and sold at an inflated price. 


Why are we really different to the rest?

  • Thick M-Grade (75kg Rated) Foam Inserts.-The ‘Premium’ is rated to hold 75kg of total ‘static’ weight of the surface of the cover (not impact weight). they are much more sturdier, durable, has a greater resistance to water absorption, has higher insulation properties to help reduce heating cost. Perfect cover for spas located out in the open and are used frequently.
  • Highest tapered and thicker foam inserts (110mm to 60mm).-This taper helps against top surface pooling from rain water, the thicker foams helps to increase the insulation properties of your spa cover.
  • Wider Aluminium foam Centre Supports.– Our aluminium C-channel is 55mm wide to provide a greater structural support over the centre of the spa cover.  We then cover the back of our aluminium with another layer of insulated foam, protecting the aluminium from damaging the vinyl.
  •  We don’t charge for any added straps or shorter skirts.-Our covers come standard with 4 straps and 120mm skirt. If you require 6 or 8 straps or a shorter skirt then just let us know during checkout. (maximum lip height is 120mm)
  • We have double handles on each piece, (4 in total).-Having double handles makes it easier to manoeuvre on the spa, has less wear and tear as it helps spread the carry load more evenly. Not only that, it looks much nicer!
  • Our handles are vinyl covered.-38mm re-enforced webbing handles covered in matching vinyl colour. This also makes the handles much stronger and more appealing then standard webbing.
  • Our under-lining is the strongest in the industry.-We are the first Australian manufacturer to use a premium 650 GSM, high gloss (easy to clean), rip-stop material for the under-side in the industry! This material is extremely heavy duty, it is shrink & rip resistant and has an anti-mildew & U.V. treatment.
  • We make your spa cover custom to what you ordered, every time!-Some manufacturers will match your measurements to whatever pattern they have closest in the cutting database, it’s much easier and quicker for them to manufacturer, We dont do that.. Our covers are hand cut and tailored made to your measurements and requirements ensuring a perfect fit every-time!
  •  100% Australian Made by ‘Alltype Covers Australia’ with a 3 Year Warranty. 

-Hand-crafted & designed in Mernda Victoria, using only premium grade materials and procedures. Our marine grade vinyl is embossed with a leather type grain .It is U.V. resistant and treated with an anti-mildew agent. Comes in 8 modern colours.

Sewn together using U.V resistant, rot-proof thick polyester bonded thread that is designed last in our harsh Australian climate. Our locking straps and handles are re-enforced with 650GSM Tarp material backing for added strength and durability.

Additional information

Weight 22 kg
Dimensions 240 × 120 × 20 cm

Shipping Info

  • As we are based in Mernda Victoria, Free delivery will be for any locations in the Shire of Whittlesea Suburbs & Melbourne Metro Areas only.
  • Price of postage is calculated depending on your postcode location in Australia. (If you want us to confirm your freight charge please email us with your postcode and the size of the spa.
  • If no one is home to accept delivery, we will organise the freight company to leave the spa cover on the property (Authority to Leave).
  • Please allow up to 15 business days (3 Weeks) to complete your spa cover order. Thank you for your patience. We will always try and complete your order ASAP.
  • Shipping time can vary depending on your location across Australia. Metro locations generally can be between 2 to 5 business days, while rural areas can be between 5 and up to 14 business days.

Payment Options

  • We prefer PayPal as payment, please make total payment within 2 days of purchasing.
  • Credit card payments are also excepted in PayPal (You do not need a PayPal to make a payment via credit card) 
  • Bank transfer, Money Order or Cheque is also available. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for payment to clear.
  • Once payment has cleared we will then start production.

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